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Experience a unique and versatile low cost living space. An amazing architectural design, more durable, functional and aesthetic. Fast and environmental respectful build.


Vina Dome WOOD basic housing/glamping domes  are already equipped with :

  • Customizable bay view
  • Aluminum/temperate glass door
  • Standard interior insulation 
  • Chimney adapter/AC entrance
  • 2 Aluminum openning windows
  • 2  mosquito windows for light and air circulation
  • PLUG 'n PLAY concept. 
  • Assembly manual and online support


Upgrade your dome with our HQ accessories :

  • Luxury 100% portable Bathroom unit
  • Triangle aluminum windows
  • Specialized heat or extreme cold insulation.
  • Solar air extractors
  • Round PVC light windows
  • Choose your color for dome cover, insulation
  • Extra triangle mosquito windows

40m2/7m Vina Dome WOOD